Instructor’s Manual for the BBST Courses


The BBST course series is open source — anyone can download the materials. Anyone can teach the courses.

Dr. Rebecca L. Fiedler designed the BBST Instructors Course to teach people who had taken BBST how to teach it. Over several years, we’ve been working on an Instructors’ Manual to support the course, publishing several drafts for review.

Dr. Fiedler, Doug Hoffman and I have finally finished the manual, a 357-page book. You can find it here, at the web page for the BBST Instructors Course. (Like BBST, the BBST instructors course materials are available to the world for free. Enjoy!)

As with all of the BBST work, we thank the National Science Foundation, for its support: grants EIA-0113539 ITR/SY+PE Improving the Education of Software Testers and CCLI-0717613 Adaptation & Implementation of an Activity-Based Online or Hybrid Course in Software Testing. (The views expressed in BBST and this blog reflect the opinions of the authors and not NSF.)

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