A few new papers and presentations

I just posted a few papers to kaner.com. Here are the links and some notes:

Cem Kaner & Stephen J. Swenson, “Good enough V&V for simulations: Some possibly helpful thoughts from the law & ethics of commercial software.” Simulation Interoperability Workshop, Providence, RI, April 2008

What an interesting context for exploratory testers! Military application software that cannot be fully specified in advance, whose requirements and design will evolve continuously through the project. How should they test it? What is good enough? Stephen and I worked together to integrate ideas and references from both disciplines. There are a lot of very interesting papers on simulations, on the web, referenced in the bibliography.

Cem Kaner and Rebecca L. Fiedler, “A cautionary note on checking software engineering papers for plagiarism.” IEEE Transactions on Education, in press.

Journal of the Association for Software Testing hasn’t published its first issue yet, and we’re now rethinking our editorial objectives (more on that after the AST Board Meeting in April). One of the reasons is that over half of the papers submitted to the Journal were plagiarized. I’ve found significant degrees of plagiarism while reviewing submissions for other conferences and journals, and there’s too much in graduate theses/dissertations as well. One of the problems for scholarly publications and research supervisors is that current plagiarism-detection tools seem to promise more than they deliver. (Oh surprise, a software service that oversells itself!) This is the first of a series of papers on that problem.

Cem Kaner, “Improve the power of your tests with risk-based test design.” [SLIDES] QAI QUEST Conference, Chicago, April 2008

Conference keynote. My usual party line.

Cem Kaner, “A tutorial in exploratory testing.” [SLIDES] QAI QUEST Conference, Chicago, April 2008

Conference tutorial. This is a broader set of my slides on exploration than some people have seen before.

Cem Kaner, “BBST: Evolving a course in black box software testing.” [SLIDES] BBST Project Advisory Board Meeting, January 2008

Rebecca Fiedler and I lead a project to adapt a course on black box software testing from its traditional academic setting to commercial and academic-online settings. Much of the raw material (free testing videos) is at www.testingeducation.org/BBST. This is a status report to the project’s advisory board. If you’re interested in collaborating in this project, these slides will provide a lot more detail.

Cem Kaner, “I speak for the user: The problem of agency in software development,” Quality Software & Testing Magazine, April 2007

Short magazine article. Testers often appoint themselves as The User Representative. So do lots of other people. Who should take this role and why?

Cem Kaner & Sowmya Padmanabhan, “Practice and transfer of learning in the teaching of software testing,” [SLIDES] Conference on Software Engineering Education & Training, Dublin, July 2007.

This is a summary of Sowmya’s excellent M.Sc. thesis , “Domain Testing: Divide and Conquer

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